Simply Tina

Simply Tina is a World Class Tina Turner tribute band. The band performs a dynamic, professional quality rock show, with dancers, backup singers, fog & lighting effects. All music is played live without any backing tracks. The band covers all of Tina Turner's greatest hit songs as well as songs she has covered throughout her career. Simply Tina’s lead singer, Karena Korokous, transforms herself into Tina Turner on stage. All members of Simply Tina have worked hard to duplicate the singing, choreography and the music found in a real Tina Turner concert.

In addition to the great music, Simply Tina has the added benefit of being visually captivating as well. The audience will love our participation part which has been fun for the audience and the band as well. Together with the music, fog, lighting effects, dancers and a sultry saxophone player Simply Tina creates the high energy feel and mood of a real Tina Turner concert which your audience will love.