Single Acts & Duos

Roberto Perera
"Roberto" is a well recognized "Uruguayan Harpist" who entered into a romance with the Paraguayan Harp at the age of 12.
He's incorporated Latin, Pop, Jazz, Brazilian and Cuban rhythms with great newness and enthusiasm.

With his music, this humble instrument was forever magically transformed from it's original state. "Roberto Perera" is also considered a pioneer of the "Electro Acoustic Harp". Today, "Roberto" has fused his mastery for the instrument with his own filmmaking and integrates new sounds with visual beauty.
Wes Anthony

Wes is a multi-talented entertainer. As a Saxophonist & Flutist, he excels as a skilled professional and unique entertainer.As an entertainer, Wes has perfected his craft on stages throughout North America and on cruise ships from the Caribbean, Mexican Riviera, Europe, Asia, Australia, Alaska and Hawaii.

Wes was born in Mississippi and grew up in California. Graduating from San Diego State University with a Masters Degree in Music, he now lives in Hollywood, Florida (near Ft. Lauderdale & Miami).He has performed with such greats as the Four Tops and Temptations. Touring the world with various Jazz, Reggae, World Beat and Top 40 bands from California has given him a wealth of experience in performing for a wide range of audiences. Starting his solo project in 2009 has allowed Wes the opportunity to play his show exclusively and to showcase his talent in a unique and personal way.

Double Expresso

Barbara Evans and Valerio Cantori will take you through a musical journey that crosses time and places. Barbara, a native of New Jersey, is a singer-model-actress who lived in Europe for a number of years; Valerio, a native of Italy, is a pianist-composer-arranger who has performed internationally. They have shared the stage with several celebrities of different genres, including Pavarotti, Andrea Bocelli, Sam Moore, Mariah Carey and Quincy Jones. The music they perform is a mixture of Jazz, Bossa Nova, Classical, Broadway, Pop and R&B, all stirred up in a refreshing, exciting, magical brew. Better than coffee..


Tens of thousands of Oceanik fans from Boston to Chicago to Florida know it both as one unusually talented man -- Albert Albee Amoroso -- performing a solo act...and as a group of up to seven talented musicians led by him.

The island music styles that Oceanik embrace include Jazz, Reggae, Soca, Latin, and R&B...all wrapped up in warm Caribbean sunshine.  Albert’s principal instruments are the Steel Pan  (also known as Steel Drum) and his mellow voice. You'll hear them both in Oceanik performances, concerts, and CDs that you can buy.