Show Bands

Evening At The Copacabana
Latin/American Show

"An Evening at the Copacabana, The Latin-American Show” is a stage show with a Latin flavor, reminiscing the days of the famous Copacabana night club and its many performers. We mix the excitement of Latin dance rhythms and the intensity of the Big Band swing music, along with some ballads from the Great American Songbook, to create the dynamics in this show.

This new show features The Latin American Orchestra, which is a 9 piece Latin band outfitted in tropical tuxedos, along with myself, a female vocalist, and our exotic showgirl dancers, and amazing tributes honoring the many different stars that performed at the Copacabana.*

Louis Prima Jr.
Remember when jazz used to be fun? Well, hope is on the horizon. This act will make you remember why you fell in love with this stuff in the first place.

Trumpeter/leader Louis Prima Jr. has a swing pedigree, being the son of the guy who wrote “Sing, Sing Sing” and had a hard hitting big band of his own. The blessing has been passed to the next generation, as this guy leads a band that makes the Big Bad Voodoo Daddy Band sound like Kenny G in comparison.


Sensation Show Band

Sensation Show Band is a WOW experience! Their popularity across the country and around the globe is a result of extraordinary talent, extreme dedication, and a tireless passion for event perfection. Sensation Show Band continues to garner new fans at major corporate galas, foundation and association events, celebrity bashes and private events!

Sensation Showband continues to thrill audiences all across America.They have also established a reputation for making heroes out of event planners.From the subtleties of the cocktail and dinner hour to the large production dance party, they connect with that specific client need to make every event a complete success.

Polyester Express

Founded in the late 1990s, Polyester Express has flourished while performing at upscale events from coast to coast. Known for their fun-loving vibe and kick-ass rhythm and horn sections, they maintain the authenticity of the great 1970s era with steadfast attention to detail through and through.

Polyester Express has thrilled party-goers worldwide for over 10 years and knows what it takes to get your guests of your special night on their feet. This full-format dance and show band provides a fully costumed, choreographed, and polished journey into the days of yesteryear with a taste of today.

Beta Maxx

Pac-Man, “Thriller,” the Berlin Wall, New Coke, The Breakfast Club, and the Cabbage Patch Doll. The 1980s were a time of political change, new technology, bad fashions, and some really memorable pop music.

If you want to relive the best parts of the ’80s, BETAMAXX is the band you need. When this 7-piece, high-energy group from San Diego hits the stage, you’ll hear all the hits you remember, and some you’ve forgotten! With dual male and female lead vocals, a core of veteran musicians and no cheesy backing tracks, BETAMAXX thrills audiences with an authentic ’80s sound. Everyone in the room will crowd the dance floor, no matter the occasion!