Roll The Stones

Roll The Stones are more than a tribute or look alike act. This is a total rocking, salute to the classic songs from a great period in music. Expect a full on high energy, top quality, rock and roll show, performing the music and songs of the Rolling Stones at the height of their prowess.

Roll The Stones are a complete musical revue. The band features multiple vocalists, guitar, bass, drums, keyboards and a powerful horn section.
Roll The Stones recreates the huge sound and excitement associated with the classic Stones live sound of their arena heyday.

Roll The Stones bridge generations. Older fans enjoy experiencing a flashback to the songs that were the soundtrack of their lives. Younger listeners appreciate the energy and power of the iconic songs that made the Rolling Stones a lasting force in popular music. A Roll The Stones show is a great way to share the experience of music. Available now for Corporate Events, Casinos, Colleges, Universities, Fairs, Carnivals, and upscale Nightclubs, as well as select Private Functions, City Events, Fundraisers, and more.